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Welcome to the CULTURAL TRAVEL EXCHANGE page. We offer a number of services to schools and educators.

Cultural Travel Exchange LLC is a recruitment company for J1-Teacher Exchange. We provide professional development for international teachers across the USA. 

USA Schools and Districts

Does your school or district host international teachers? We provide services to train and prepare international teachers for a smooth transition to their teaching roles here in the USA. While these cultural exchange teachers are experienced educators, transitioning to another country can be hard on anyone. We work one-on-one with your teachers to integrate them quickly in the system and get the best results. We assist them with planning and executing cultural projects for compliance purposes and we will help monitor your teachers for success. 

Getting Started with the J-1 Process

Are you ready to get the ball rolling on applying for schools in the US? Still not sure if you're ready?  Let me help you! Set up a consultation with a former J1 teacher and school principal who was sponsored by a school district and now resides permanently in the USA! I can walk you through every step of the way.

  1.   Get a list of J-1 sponsors and agencies that you can start with.

  2.   Gain clarity on how to apply and what to look out for.

  3.   Get help with application completion.

  4.   Get help to revamp your resume.

Teacher Exchange

Do you need a little more help? Finding it difficult to find a job in the US. We offer additional services that can help you find a job and relocate smoothly to the US.

Set up a Consultation

Program Requirements

  1.   A minimum of 2 years of teaching experience

  2.   Teaching certification/license from home country

  3.   Academic background in education

  4.   The equivalent of a US Bachelor’s degree in Education

  5.   Clear criminal background check

  6.   You must be teaching at the time of application.

Application Process

The U.S. teaching job application process is as follows: 


1. We revamp your resume to make it appealing to American schools. 

2. We revise your resume, interview you on Zoom, and help improve your interviewing skills.

3. We will provide a list of J1-Sponsors and recruiters.

4. We will contact schools on your behalf and work with school principals to find you a job.

5. We will prepare you for your interview with the school and sponsor.

6. (Optional) After you have passed the interview and accepted the job offer, we will help you with your J-1 visa process from start to finish.

7. (Optional) Before you arrive in the United States, we will assist you in finding accommodation nearby the school.

8. Included in this package is a free professional development workshop introducing you to American school system and helping with your transition.

Fees for Each Step of the Process.

After reviewing the requirements and application process, if you are interested, please contact us via email by sending your resume and a copy of your qualifications.





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