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A fasting guided journal for use during a 21-day fast. Discover the life-transforming effect of fasting with this thorough, guided journal meticulously prepared for a 21-day journey. This journal provides a structured framework filled with daily prompts, teachings, and reflection exercises to help you navigate your fasting journey with purpose and self-discovery. With daily prayer points, guides, teachings, and insight, you will grow stronger.

21-day prayer and fasting journal

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1 Pound
  • Key Features:

    • Daily Reflections: Thoughtfully crafted prompts guide your daily journaling, allowing you to explore emotions, challenges, and triumphs during the fasting process.
    • Teachings and Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of the science behind fasting and its impact on your body and mind. Receive valuable insights to enhance your journey.
    • Preparation Plan: Strategically plan start your fast, ensuring a smooth transition as you gradually prepare your body.
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